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 Post subject: SOS Argentinia
PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2005 6:50 pm 
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I received over a treefern community this report.
Probably you are interestes or even able to help.
This is an SOS for suggestions on how I should go about trying to save tree ferns in virgin jungle in Misiones in Argentina.
Most of this province has now been converted from jungle to pine forests to feed huge paper mills and the lumber trade. The little remaining jungle is now encroached on by poor people who need to make a living and tobacco provides that opportunity - so they just torch the jungle and clean it out for planting tobacco and sometimes corn. The government appears to have little political will to control or stop this rampant destruction which takes its toll not only on the pockets of magnificent tree ferns - Dicksonia Sellowiana et al - but all other flora and fauna. The international corporations perhaps should have created some protected areas but as things stand there are now just a few provincial parks and one national park where one could still see tree ferns. Curiously the more spectacular areas where tree ferns still grow are not protected.
I have just moved toPuerto Iguazu a small town in the northern tip of this province and I have in my tiny garden a few ferns which I have saved from being burnt but I would truly like to go about this in a more organized way. Any suggestions and experiences in other parts of the world would be most welcome. To satisfy my curiosity how old would a seven-metre tall Dicksonia sellowiana be?

Hello Peter I don't know if my message got to you but I think my .mac server is going through their service routine and my message was trashed. Anyway here I am sending you a photo I took a couple of months ago showing you the carcasses of hundred of tree ferns burnt to the ground in just one of several jungle clearances. I am a photographer recently trying to live a new lifestyle out of the big city of Buenos Aires. It is not an easy undertaking but whenever I have the time I will try and document this carnage. I have limited resources and it is expensive for me to get down to these areas. But if you could contact the relevant organizations I would be more than willing to chip in with whatever is within my possibilities.
I appreciate your help and I am sure making people aware of what they are losing will also help

John Fernandes | photographer
Los Lapachos 623
N3370JMC Iguazu
Misiones - Argentina
It would be a shame for the argentinian rainforest!


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