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 Post subject: Tree Ferns - Large/Braggins
PostPosted: Sat Aug 07, 2004 12:10 am 
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Titel: Tree Ferns
Autor: Mark F. Large and John E. Braggins
Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 360 Seiten, 131 Farbfotos, 3 Tabellen, 12 Zeichnungen, 15 Karten
ISBN: 0-88192-630-2
Aufgelegt am: May 2004
VK Preis: 48,67 €

Tree ferns in the landscape command the attention of both devoted gardeners and casual passersby. The stately form of these ferns resembles that of the palm tree and evokes a feeling of the quintessentially exotic. Tree ferns are successful survivors from the distant past, with plant forms dating back to the Jurassic period. Yet tree ferns are still rapidly evolving---they have been discovered growing among the cinders of active Hawaiian volcanoes.

In the wild, tree ferns occur in certain subtropical and tropical environments and in Southern Hemisphere temperate forests, where they give an immediate and characteristic flavor to the vegetation. They are commonly cultivated in warmer regions of the world, but various species grow well in cooler climates. There are hundreds of different kinds of tree ferns, and the authors have traveled extensively to study and photograph them in the wild, in addition to observing tree ferns in collections.

This volume is the source of information on the living tree ferns. It surveys families, genera, and species that are suitable for the home garden. It offers up-to-date taxonomy and detailed descriptions, as well as in-depth coverage of everything from tree fern use to conservation. In recognition of the horticultural importance of tree ferns, the authors provide extensive cultivation information, including propagation and diseases and pests. Although some emphasis is placed on those species cultivated in Australasia and the United States, species from around the world are also discussed.

Timber Press

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Da es kaum Bücher über Baumfarne gibt, wahrscheinlich ein muss.


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